Kenauk 2012 – the synopsis

Kenauk 2012 The best place on earth(worth noting that this is a somewhat 'manipulated' image ... but you will get the feeling for the place) Anyone familiar with my jottings will be only too well aware, and possibly somewhat bored with mentions of our annual September visits to a remarkable place called Kenauk. [...]

2012-09-15T16:40:03-04:00Saturday, September 15, 2012|

In the garden and on the river

The gardening conditions this year continue to be very favourable towards the maintenance of plenty of flowers despite it being high summer.  Finally the humidity has gone but a pleasant mid-20s temperature is keeping everythng looking good ... though the glorious lily displays are aided, made possible even, by J's daily forays to squish lily-beetles. [...]

2010-08-01T14:54:38-04:00Sunday, August 1, 2010|

Wet birding

After a couple of years of dithering we have bought ourselves a pair of kayaks to complement the canoe we already enjoy ... somewhat lighter and easier to load onto the car.  Today was their first outing ... conditions on the lake were less than ideal with a strong wind and good waves but we [...]

2010-07-18T16:47:36-04:00Sunday, July 18, 2010|
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