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My (Green) Home Birding Circle

Faithful readers of this web-journal will not have failed to be aware of our interest in "Green Birding" which I won't explain here, just direct you to for information. A variant of this concept is starting to be discussed in the places where birders discuss these things.  It is not as pure as really green [...]

2012-02-13T20:13:29-05:00Monday, February 13, 2012|Birding links, birds, greenbirding|

Leucistic European Starling

Our feeders were visited late this afternoon by a flock of European Starlings that included a rather splendid leucistic bird ... as you can see, he is quite striking:   To quote from Wikipedia (saves me the trouble of writing it myself) - Leucism (occasionally spelled leukism) is a general term for the phenotype resulting from defects [...]

2011-08-01T16:36:54-04:00Monday, August 1, 2011|Birding links, birds, Uncategorized|

Child rearing

On the way out to work this morning a last minute check of the garden birds found a "cute" Blue Jay being fed by a frazzled parent.  Interestingly, although this bird was clearly not one of the group that were being fed a few weeks ago (see pictures elsewhere on this blog) and was still [...]

2011-07-11T17:44:22-04:00Monday, July 11, 2011|Bigby, birds, Gardening|

Bigby on the web

The new GreenBirding website is almost ready for launch - have a sneak preview at and add your name to the greenbirding community by registering as a member.

2011-07-07T21:26:38-04:00Thursday, July 7, 2011|Bigby, Birding links, birds|


No - not the Canadian Broadcasting Company but the Christmas Bird Count at Hudson which we were involved with today.  CBCs are a tradition for birders and have been running for 107 years now so the data is building up ... the Hudson one isn't that venerable but it has a good few decades behind it. Unusually [...]

2011-01-02T14:46:11-05:00Sunday, January 2, 2011|Birding links, birds, canada, Uncategorized|
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