The Next Generation

The gardens and open spaces around here are rapidly filling up now with legions of scruffy young birds eagerly harassing  their parents for food, food and more food ... NOW!  Terrific treat this evening ... regular readers will be aware that the local Pileated Woodpecker, which was last seen just before the New Year, has [...]

2008-07-15T17:45:07-04:00Tuesday, July 15, 2008|

Today at the automatic camera …

We have decided to keep the automated BirdCam running pretty well full time for the next few weeks while we go into migration period in the hope that eventually we will document the arrival of all sorts of good critters ... this is a selection of the visitors from the last 24 hours at the [...]

2008-04-25T16:36:42-04:00Friday, April 25, 2008|

Preparing for the Warbler rush

It will be a couple of weeks or more before the main waves of warblers come through here but today we did a test run on the header pool for our small waterfall with the automated "BirdCam" ... this can be left all day and will photograph moving, warm critters. We wanted to check the [...]

2008-04-23T16:27:38-04:00Wednesday, April 23, 2008|

Spring in Montreal

Back to Canada last night, bleary eyed from a long and boring flight to find that almost all the snow had vanished while we were away and that the first spring flowers were showing in the otherwise brown garden ... snowdrops are always a delight, especially as they are so hard to get established here. [...]

2008-04-16T16:21:29-04:00Wednesday, April 16, 2008|

Birding abroad

So, I managed to find temporary internet access.  Although the purpose of this trip is not one of birding we have just wangled a couple of hours walking around a new and developing RSPB reserve based on a large series of flooded gravel pits between Fenstanton and Fen Drayton in Cambridgeshire.  Find out more at [...]

2008-04-10T11:27:07-04:00Thursday, April 10, 2008|

Local bigby thoughts

We are now into February and the Big Green Big Year ( is progressing ... due to the climate up here to a "magnificent" 20 species on my part and 25 for J who gets out more than I do. There is a Pileated Woodpecker in the neighbourhood that she keeps seeing but which evades [...]

2008-02-06T12:34:08-05:00Wednesday, February 6, 2008|

Going where?

After the big dump on NYD that made Bigbyday #1 hard going (a grand total of eight species, I think while reports from one or two of the people doing this in California, for example, have ranged past a hundred for the day) the days have turned very bright, very sunny and intensely cold which [...]

2008-01-03T13:20:53-05:00Thursday, January 3, 2008|

Day-one of Bigby

The 2008 Bigby started with an American Crow ... a good-luck bird, shortly followed by a beautiful male Northern Cardinal. Sadly much snow and wind are with us, and most of the birds are keeping their heads well down - rarely much rare at this time of the year, but I have hopes of Hoary [...]

2008-01-01T09:56:33-05:00Tuesday, January 1, 2008|


98 Bigbyists are now signed up, including on in Taiwan ... interesting to see what tomorrow brings. Happy New Year everyone.

2007-12-31T14:43:23-05:00Monday, December 31, 2007|


Marcel in Calgary, ex-Montreal, is also doing a Walking Big Year (see previous post for details) and has suggested this concept be called a Big Green Big Year for which the acronym is BGBY, pronounced "Bigby" as in "I'm just going out Bigbying, dear" or "I added two new species to my Bigby today". Is [...]

2007-12-15T12:52:23-05:00Saturday, December 15, 2007|
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