Green cycling birders part 2

Having been "inspired" by the biking frogs I thought to try to bring the idea up to date a bit and ended up with this bit of home-grown artwork ... the 'Paper' app on my iPad is terrific for sketching:      

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Green cycling birders

Being a “GreenBirder” I intend that most of the birding from September onwards after my years of wage-slavery are behind me, will be done au pied or on the bike and almost completely without the aid of an internal combustion engine. Blog entries will undoubtedly increase a dozen-fold but meanwhile I have just found the [...]

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Patchworking is really local GreenBirding ... and I am working up ideas for the fall when I am free to do stuff properly ... I like to start my ideas visually:

2013-05-19T12:39:18-04:00Sunday, May 19, 2013|

My “Wildlife Circle”

Wish I could think of a better term for this concept - but it will do for now. Following my expedition at the weekend (see last post) to the Ile-Perrot windmill seeking birds I decided to expand my "Wildlife Circle" from 7 to 7.5km diameter to make sure it is included.  This circle is the [...]

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Planning some future birding

I have announced to the limited world that constitute my Facebook Friends that in 2014 I shall be doing a Bigby.  I have said this early so that I cannot easily find an excuse to back out and in the probably vain hope that someone will decide to have a go too and make it [...]

2013-02-09T15:47:33-05:00Saturday, February 9, 2013|

Digital art

I was indirectly led to a very useful app for the iPad (imaginatively called 'paper') - thank you Marie-Anne - that is going to be a lot of fun.  Sketching, writing, water colouring etc with your fingers. Here is the original Green Birder

2012-12-30T14:43:05-05:00Sunday, December 30, 2012|

Child rearing

On the way out to work this morning a last minute check of the garden birds found a "cute" Blue Jay being fed by a frazzled parent.  Interestingly, although this bird was clearly not one of the group that were being fed a few weeks ago (see pictures elsewhere on this blog) and was still [...]

2011-07-11T17:44:22-04:00Monday, July 11, 2011|

Bigby on the web

The new GreenBirding website is almost ready for launch - have a sneak preview at and add your name to the greenbirding community by registering as a member.

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