Journal Design “Improvements”

We have made a small change to the home page of the Journal ( to bring the look more in-line with modern design styles ... and, let's be honest, to see if we could manage the techie stuff. Three randomly presented full-screen banner images and parallax page scrolling (not on mobiles) are what it [...]

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Green cycling birders part 2

Having been "inspired" by the biking frogs I thought to try to bring the idea up to date a bit and ended up with this bit of home-grown artwork ... the 'Paper' app on my iPad is terrific for sketching:      

2013-07-12T21:02:59-04:00Friday, July 12, 2013|

Green cycling birders

Being a “GreenBirder” I intend that most of the birding from September onwards after my years of wage-slavery are behind me, will be done au pied or on the bike and almost completely without the aid of an internal combustion engine. Blog entries will undoubtedly increase a dozen-fold but meanwhile I have just found the [...]

2013-07-09T17:29:13-04:00Tuesday, July 9, 2013|

Carpathian tour 2013 – Birds and Flowers.

**note:  this is an abbreviated trip report for the journal, an aide memoir for us and something preliminary to share with friends.  Accordingly, illustrations are minimal and representative - a more comprehensive (but well edited - we promise)  photo gallery and hopefully the usual limited selection of 'art' photos will be appearing later for anyone [...]

2013-06-09T10:47:09-04:00Saturday, June 8, 2013|


Patchworking is really local GreenBirding ... and I am working up ideas for the fall when I am free to do stuff properly ... I like to start my ideas visually:

2013-05-19T12:39:18-04:00Sunday, May 19, 2013|

My “Wildlife Circle”

Wish I could think of a better term for this concept - but it will do for now. Following my expedition at the weekend (see last post) to the Ile-Perrot windmill seeking birds I decided to expand my "Wildlife Circle" from 7 to 7.5km diameter to make sure it is included.  This circle is the [...]

2013-04-23T17:54:09-04:00Tuesday, April 23, 2013|

Planning some future birding

I have announced to the limited world that constitute my Facebook Friends that in 2014 I shall be doing a Bigby.  I have said this early so that I cannot easily find an excuse to back out and in the probably vain hope that someone will decide to have a go too and make it [...]

2013-02-09T15:47:33-05:00Saturday, February 9, 2013|

Digital art

I was indirectly led to a very useful app for the iPad (imaginatively called 'paper') - thank you Marie-Anne - that is going to be a lot of fun.  Sketching, writing, water colouring etc with your fingers. Here is the original Green Birder

2012-12-30T14:43:05-05:00Sunday, December 30, 2012|

The GreenBirding Book – at last

  Finally – after a bit over 18 months gestation, my book about Green Birding has been published.  Well, truth to tell, it is in the publisher’s warehouse but Amazon is only taking pre-orders at the moment ... who knows how the publishing industry works. If you would like to do some comparative price shopping [...]

2012-12-15T12:37:24-05:00Friday, December 14, 2012|


Spending a couple of weeks in England doing social and family stuff but the binoculars and field guides are with us, as always, for those times when time permits ... Thus far, however the main birding  - if you can call it that - seems to be the sight of Magpies everywhere ... Magpies being [...]

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