Subtle colours

The leaves are falling everywhere now and the flashy bright oranges and reds that this part of the world is famous for are over and gone ... which leaves us with some really attractive but more subtle shades. A quiet corner of the Sparroworks garden at the start of November. A collection of [...]

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Walking around the Town

I realised today, walking around our town (Baie-D'Urfé) that we really have come a long way from the northern council housing estate in England that I left for college about 49 years ago ... for those who have not yet visited us (do come) here are some fairly typical views of the town about an hour [...]

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“Change and decay in all around I see … “

Nearing the end of October and we are gradually putting the garden to bed for the approaching winter. Leaves are being chopped for mulch/compost, dahlia tubers are being lifted, over-wintering pots of lilies have been sunk in a holding bed and shortly the vegetable bed will be dug over and top-dressed with compost. The garlic [...]

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Keeping warm …

Yesterday was our town’s environment day during which residents could choose a free tree (we are having an Amelanchier arborea - Downy Serviceberry or Chokecherry - see, visit the kiosks set out by a number of environmental organisations and listen to interesting talks. One of those talks was my well honed presentation of wildlife [...]

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Morning light

The Katsura was looking especially golden and glowing in this morning's low light ... pity about the roaring of at least three powerful leafblowers in nearby gardens. Kinda breaks the harmony. The leafblower is a useful tool, we even have one ourselves, but you only need it once per year when all the leaves have [...]

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The larch tree in fall

We have such a plethora of fall colour in this part of thr world with the famous maple trees and so on that sometimes the more subtle colours are overlooked. In one corner of the garden we have a huge, tall larch tree (European larch, not the tamarack) which is a deciduous conifer - yes, [...]

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