Autumn is Coming

Signs of the Season Turning Our first visit to North America was in 1987 at about this time of the year. A friend we were staying with mentioned that seeing Egrets on a lake in Minnesota was his marker that summer is nearly over while ours has become seeing Golden Rod in flower. [...]

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Late Autumn Colour in the Arboretum

Still some wonderful colour Spent a couple of hours in the arboretum this morning, just poking around on the trails. I had deliberately not taken a camera with me as to be honest I expected the best of the colour would now be behind us and I wanted to concentrate on the birds.  Well, [...]

2018-10-30T13:23:58-04:00Tuesday, October 30, 2018|

Cold at Last

The week began with warnings that “winter is coming” and ended with it being here in spades. At least we had a warning and were able to spend time doing final garden winterizing. An early frost had finally killed the pansies in pots as well as a beautiful heliotrope and so the last of [...]

2017-11-11T16:56:54-04:00Saturday, November 11, 2017|

Lots of flowers still in bloom

Still warm and sunny this week (for the most part) - there is still at least one Cicada whining in the trees although its motor was clearly starting to run down. Remarkable the number of plants still in flower on this late date. nasturtiums, pansies, echinacea, centuria, heliotrope, rudbeckia, campanula, feverfew, catnip and a [...]

2017-10-28T17:43:51-04:00Saturday, October 28, 2017|

A Green Autumn

Despite two mornings that started with a light air frost and white roofs we have yet to have enough nighttime cold to even put a skin of ice on the bird bath and temperatures remain well above “normal”. Some leaves are falling and there are autumnal colours starting to appear here and there but [...]

2017-10-21T13:45:53-04:00Saturday, October 21, 2017|

Autumn Birds – Passing Through

On the horticultural front this week we can offer simply the observation that autumn is now rapidly approaching and we are seeing the first serious colour changes in the leaves of our trees and shrubs while perennial flowers are dropping petals and standing tall with seed heads ready for the birds to eat. On [...]

2017-10-07T16:37:26-04:00Saturday, October 7, 2017|

A Welcome Change in Temperature

The week started with a continuation of the abnormal heat and dry conditions we have (not) enjoyed for the past three weeks - nevertheless we have started to see small flocks of Canada Geese overhead. Most of those will be moving around the locality in search of grass to graze on and won’t really [...]

2017-09-30T14:23:43-04:00Saturday, September 30, 2017|

Subtle colours

The leaves are falling everywhere now and the flashy bright oranges and reds that this part of the world is famous for are over and gone ... which leaves us with some really attractive but more subtle shades. A quiet corner of the Sparroworks garden at the start of November. A collection of [...]

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Walking around the Town

I realised today, walking around our town (Baie-D'Urfé) that we really have come a long way from the northern council housing estate in England that I left for college about 49 years ago ... for those who have not yet visited us (do come) here are some fairly typical views of the town about an hour [...]

2015-11-03T15:52:00-04:00Tuesday, November 3, 2015|

“Change and decay in all around I see … “

Nearing the end of October and we are gradually putting the garden to bed for the approaching winter. Leaves are being chopped for mulch/compost, dahlia tubers are being lifted, over-wintering pots of lilies have been sunk in a holding bed and shortly the vegetable bed will be dug over and top-dressed with compost. The garlic [...]

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