Oh frabjous joy, callou-callay … as the Jumblies sang.

After a lapse of several months, one of the Carolina Wrens visited the garden early afternoon to scrabble about in the leaf litter looking for food. Managing to always keep some small branch or twig between him and the autofocus on my camera he remained undocumented on this initial visit but later around 4pm he returned briefly and I managed to catch a couple of rapid confirmatory images – not perfect as they were taken through the window but they show his features.

Then shortly after I had taken the flash-card out of the camera to work on the images he reappeared with a friend. Two at the same time – a treat.

Those who live in more southern, sunnier climes will doubtless be wondering what all the fuss is about, but up here on the northern limits of their range they are truly rarities and just hang on by their claws and the grace of climate change. Bit by bit they are increasing their numbers locally but they are still a joy to see.

And it’s a Feederwatch day and he counts for our Bigbys.

So … here is our Carolina Wren

… and here is a better picture of him or one of his friends or relatives taken at about the same time last winter: