Back to some garden birding at last … we were sitting by the garden window last night with glasses of Friday Night Cocktail in hand when we heard and then saw a northern Flicker perched on one of the maple trees.  A handsome bird and worthy of a photograph but they are also very sensitive to movement and like all birds paranoid about cameras so all i got was him taking off from the tree he had happily perched on for several minutes … which is nice, because flight shots always are nice.

Shortly thereafter, a pair of Chipping Sparrows cam to the top pool for a wash and brush up.  There are several of these around the area at the moment calling to each other in the early mornings.

Ready for take-off

 ... and away

Chipping Sparrow 1

Chipping Sparrow 2

A few weeks ago as the snows were melting we found this butterfly but forgot to post the picture.  These overwinter as adults and are always the first to appear.  A nice splash of colouor.