Some days ago I found myself with a bit over an hour to go wandering in the tourist-rich streets of Cambridge (that’s the real Cambridge in Cambridgeshire, England) while my companions were doing something cultural in the Fitzwilliam Museum. We lived near to Cambridge for rather more than a couple of decades before moving to Montreal and so I know it pretty well … but surprisingly, I don’t think I have really just meandered about with a camera before. You never do properly explore the places you live in.

Of course, these days the Cambridge scene is more than adequately documented on a daily basis by the work of Michael Bond and I would never try to do better than he does, but if you have not visited before, perhaps these few images will whet your appetite … Cambridge really is a most civilised city.

** For those interested in these matters, and someone will inevitably ask, the “small camera” in this instance was a highly portable and pocketable Sony Nex-7 with a Zeiss full frame 35mm lens added to the body. No opportunities to zoom so you really have to pick your view-point with care … a crackingly sharp lens, perhaps the best I have.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to enlarge the images: