These next few postings are unlikely to be illustrated as I am travelling and while I have the camera (of course) I don’t have the software to shrink and compress large image files along for the ride … the intention is to post a sample after we return.

Anyway … for the next two weeks I am starting at a conference (of toxicological pathologists) in San Francisco and then J is flying down to share a few days of R&R. The conference is one I attend most years, it’s big, it’s paid for by the company and it tends to go to places with good birding – last year, for example, we were in Puerto Rico. Life’s tough, no?

So – first posting is merely to say that San Francisco is hotter than the weather forecasts would have us believe by a considerable margin, that the walk (to stretch the legs) should not have led my up Telegraph Hill because despite the prize of he view from the top it is damnably steep after a day sitting on a plane and I am nackered now, and that the local avifauna so far consists of Californian Gulls, House Sparrows, Rock Pigeons and a flock of noisy green Parrots which I assume are not countable but which i will track down and survey in more details tomorrow.

C’est tout – a demain