Steaming heat again and we decided to go somewhere different this weekend – not far, just along the Parc nature de Cap St-Jacques where we wandered the wooded edges of the river and caught some breezes (and hatched a plot to buy a couple of kayaks – but we’ll save that for another day).

Plenty of bird life including a small islet, accessible because of the low water level, simply heaving with multiple families of young Yellow Warblers.  Before the park, we stopped on the sore at Anse a l’Orme and found Terns a flying and a lot of shorebirds across the mudflats, but without the scope not wuite close enough to ID with confidence.

And a new butterfly for the collection – this time a riverside Eastern Black Swallowtail of which a picture follows.  We have been neglecting this area – must return soon, hopefully in shiny new kayaks.

First then, the Eastern Black Swallowtail … we have had these in the garden too, attracted by our huge bed of parlsey:

The next couple of pictures are the shoreline at Anse a l’Orme … excellent place for seeing “peeps” but there are also usually Terns (beautiful birds) and often even Ospreys:

Finally, the shore at Cap St-Jacques near where we saw the butterfly and the hagout for Yellow Warblers: