We have been talking long enough about the Breadzilla Sourdough Bread Co. and it’s about time we showed you what we are talking about … this fellow is destined as an accompaniment to chili this evening:

While that was proofing, we did the famous Sparroworks Birding Trail in the arboretum.  Quite chilly and under greying skies but ornithologically very productive.  Several Hermit Thrushes, mostly mixed in with flocks of Robins, one Wood Thrush, Juncos, a small group of White-crowned Sparrows, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, various Warblers and so and so forth.

Stars of the day were a number of Winter Wrens (we had seven in sight together at one point) working the crevices of a log pile in front of the sugar shack.  This pile is not liked by some people who find it unsightly and have been making efforts to have it moved … yet every year it is full of insectivorous birds, assorted mice and chipmunks.  Save the Logpile is my next campaign

The tree colour is not fully developed yet but there are some specimen trees that are glorious already