We spent a happy day today in Parc Tremblant, a couple of hours north on Montreal, searching for boreal species of birds. Very quiet, hardly anyone else in the park – plenty of birds but so many were heard and so many were hard to see … if nothing else this sharpens the ear-birding skills (aided by judicious reference to the ever-to-hand iPod without which no birder is a complete birder IMHO.

Amongst the many species seen and heard, stars were Boreal Chickadee, Bohemian waxwing, Spotted Sandpiper and Spruce Grouse – but any bird is a good bird you know. The Spruce Grouse was sighted, as they usually are, throwing itself under the wheels of our car on the dirt road linking the Diable and Pimbina sectors of the park – we have seen more SGs this way than in any “real” SG habitat.

Bird of the day was a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly – there were many of these around but only one stopped still long enough to have his picture taken, mostly they just flew by taunting us.

Chutes Croches

Common Loon

Spotted Sandpiper

The elusive Tiger Swallowtail butterfly (Pterourus glaucus)

Male White-tailed Deer