Yesterday, Friday 13th January, Montreal temperatures reached PLUS 8degC whereas most years they are more like minus 10 or 15 at this time of year. Today, admittedly the temperatures are falling but they are still above freezing point. I has rained stair-rods all day with some sign of turning to light and wet snow and thus bird sightings have been sparse with only the Goldfinches seeming to be unaffected by the unseasonable rain and appearing in good numbers. Odd woodpeckers have flitted in and out plus the gang-of-three Crows and a very, very wet and soggy BC Chickedee who tried to sort out his disarrayed feathers under the shelter of the overhanging roof on one feeder.

Once it gets cold again all this rain is going to form a thick layer of ice below the snow, thus making it hard for alll sorts of creatures, not just birds, to get to their food.