Usually, the Northern Cardinals are territorial and stay out of each others way.  We get them in pairs, but one pair will wait for the other to leave before arriving.  This winter, for some reason, they are flocking with up to six females at least two males being seen at one and the same time.

The pair of Carolina Wrens are also reliably visiting.  This promises to be a good winter.

2012-12-22_ 6

2012-12-22_ 3As a side note – these two pictures were taken with the new Sony NEX-7 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that I got a few days ago.  The longest lens I have for it is 200mm and I had no hopes of getting this quality of image given that I usually use a 400mm lens on the big Canon DSLR for the feeder birds … but although these are crops from wider angle pictures they are better than I ever expected.  Clearly 24 megapixels is good for something!

This camera is complicated and taking some learning but it is small, light and full of features.  A terrific “by your side” camera when the big one is not needed or simply too bulky.