Showdown at the OK Bathhouse …

Although many people equate birds with calm and peaceful lifestyles spent twittering about amongst the rose and blossoms, in reality birds are feisty creatures.

None more so than Wrens who have serious dominance issues.

This afternoon at the “bird magnet” pool atop our waterfall the male and female Rose-breasted Grosbeaks returned for an end of splash to smarten up their feathers and get on with that bonding business. No sooner had they settled down for some quiet time than one of our Carolina Wrens appeared.

“Out of there” he shouted. “I want a bath”

The female wasn’t going to make an issue of it and departed but the male glared at the Wren. “Your beak may be longer and pointier than mine mate, but I’m a heavyweight with a big battering grosbeak. Wanna make sumfin of it?”

Mexican standoff ensued until the Wren’s glare won the day.

This was fun to watch. 🙂

“Time for an evening bath in this cool water”

“Oi. you two. Out of there. I need the water”

“She’s gone – now mate, who you looking at?”

“Don’t make me do something I’d regret”

“I won. Wrens Rule – again.”