As you know, the Sparroworkers are the eminences grises behind the Green Birding/Bigby community [information here] which is now smoothly rolling into its second year with a small collection of new adherents to add to the large list from 2008 … today, we received the following very nice email from an ardent biking-bigbyist in San Francisco.  Spread the word and visit Andy’s website while you are at it.   This was very encouraging … in fact, as we explained when this started, all the Sparroworkers did was provide some web-space to an idea that was being more and more thought about by birders from all over the place in the past two or three years, it wasn’t an original idea of ours but we are glad we could help to get it moving.

Andy wrote:

Thank you so much for taking the time to get together a world wide
carbon free big year. Your work is being felt throughout the
Californian birding community. This came at a perfect time for
me–I’ve been birding for a few years and getting better, so the next
step was to do a big year: and I bicycle to work every day! I really
went full bore on the big year in 2008. I even created a blog
( and tried to keep folks abreast of
all the birding I did throughout the year. My friend, Josiah Clark,
has actually been biking and birding for years, so together we really
capitalized on our experience. I think that doing something like this
on my own would have been one thing, but having a website and an
e-mail network to connect folks around the world, has really increased
the impact of this effort. In California, our biking and birding big
year has been really well followed by local birders: birders from all
over the city would ask me, “so how’s the biking big year?”
Importantly, I think that going out of our way to make a statement,
not just about what birds we see, but HOW we see those birds, is
changing how a lot of peoples think and bird. I think we all
understand that we have to change before Global Warming gets the best
of us. I hope the BIGBY helps folks see that there are so many small
ways we can start making a difference now, and that we can all do
something to help the environment.

Thanks for all you’ve done for CARBON-FREE BIRDING, and the world.


Andrew Kleinhesselink
San Francisco, California, USA

Not sure about doing good for the world, but it is encouraging.  If you are a birder and not Bigbying yet, why not think about it at the start of 2009?

Meanwhile – I like to have a daily picture if I can, so here is a Common Redpoll we bigbyed this weekend and a closer view of the first of yesterday’s Snowy Owls::


Common Redpoll

The owl has a very beady eye on us …


Snowy Owl