Good morning world … just realised that we are now in the homeward stretch towards the end of the year and the grand reckoning of carbon-free Bigby-birds.  If you are participating in this venture ( ) then don’t give up now – there are always new things to be found out there.  I need to devise a means for the 400 or so we know of who are doing this to report their year-end results and commentary … if I could programme web-databases this would be a cinch, but I know my limits.  Just heard today of a rare Ross’s Goose within a long bike ride (and hence a Bigby journey) of home but that means getting off the island by bike and as there are only two bridges, one with the TransCanada Highway on it and the other with the highway to Toronto, this is not a good idea.  Rats.  I had been hoping to pick up Bigbyable shorebirds earlier in the fall but all the accessible shore was still under water when they passed by … excuses, I know.


A side note – falling markets at the moment extend the horizon to my retirement beyond the two years hence I had planned for by a considerable distance so full-time birding isn’t about to happen either … but thought of retirement leads to thoughts of ones advancing age and the realization that the world is now run by people (BO for example) who are a lot younger than I am.  All my life I have been secure in the knowledge that the bombs were controlled by older and wiser people and now they could be set off any time by mere children.  Don’t get me wrong, I am more than happy with the election of BO to the post of Lord High Panjandrum down south (apparently a euro-newspaper this week lead with the headline “America: Welcome Back to the World”) but I can’t help feeling he’s too young for the job – you gotta be a boomer to know what the world needs, you really do.