As summer progresses the population of juvenile critters in the garden increases.

Especially cute has been the recent appearance of a very young and fluffy bunny helping its parent (an old time resident) to keep our dandelions under control … as long as they have no urge to eat anything else that is more than fine with us.

Not long ago we had the fluffy young Blue Jays (see earlier postes for pictures), the Cardinala have brought their youngster to the feeder in recent evenings and yesterday we were graced by a young Cowbird and small group of juvenile Kingbirds.

The year progresses.

Northern Flicker seeking ants on the lawn


Baby Bunny

Baby Bunny 2 ... this would have been a nice picture if he had chosen to sit wither in the sun or in the shade, but both together was too much, even for my camera.

Three young Kingbirds


Kingbird takeoff



Juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird