A very brief entry this week –

We returned home from a week of hard-core birding on Grand Manan island to thunderstorms and a lot of rain … so no watering to do!

During our time away, all the bird feeders had been emptied and the plants seem to have moved on a season. The Canna Lilies are in bloom – that will please the Hummingbirds – the PG hydrangea panicles have all turned from white to pink, our Rudbeckia/Black-eyed Susans are in full yellow flower almost everywhere.

Regrettably, Japanese beetles feasted on the roses in our absence, reducing leaves to skeletons in places. Despite thunderstorms with heavy rain and domestic chores, J still managed to collect 177 of the beasts on Saturday.

And, this being late summer, the berries are glowing red … Rowan (Mountain Ash) and High-bush Cranberries in particular.

We will have a more detailed round up next week once we have unpacked and processed about 1500 photographs of birds and wild flowers.

Canna Lily

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High-bush Cranberry

Black-eyed Susan

PG Hydrangea

Rowan (a.k.a. mountain ash) berries