On the horticultural front this week we can offer simply the observation that autumn is now rapidly approaching and we are seeing the first serious colour changes in the leaves of our trees and shrubs while perennial flowers are dropping petals and standing tall with seed heads ready for the birds to eat.

On the other hand, we have a small but gratifying series of visits by migrating birds heading southwards. Most of this week’s pictures are, therefore, of birds. Never a bad thing.

The week started with a White-throated Sparrow taking insects near the waterfall. This was later followed by more White-throated Sparrows in the following days and a few Dark-eyed Juncos. Interestingly the Juncos arrived on exactly the same date last year. Later we had a Grackle in the feeders – a species that is certainly heading south at the moment.

Mid-week things warmed up again somewhat and we could still hear Cicadas in the trees – that’s really rather late.

American Goldfinch were with us once more mid-week and then several beautiful Golden-crowned Kinglets entertained us at high speed, accompanied by at least one Ruby-crowned Kinglet and a delightful Magnolia Warbler.

The regular Robins were ever-present, as were Blue Jays, yet more WTSparrows and the resident squirrels of both species.

The week ended with a travelling Song Sparrow availing himself of the waterfall for a refreshing wash and brush up.

Enjoy the slide show below …

Featured Images
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Morning sun

Dark-eyed Junco

White-throated Sparrow