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Mud in the sun

It actually had the temerity to snow again last night - how dare it - but the new stuff was melted by noon and despite a cold wind the sun was hot and warming.  Gradually spring arrives ... not too eagerly though, the leaves rarely appear on the trees before the first week of May [...]

2009-03-22T16:19:47-04:00Sunday, March 22, 2009|


Still too much snow, March takes such a long time to get its act together and even though today is the first day of spring only the sun feels spring-like.  Down the road on the Macdonald farm fields the vernal pools are forming with the melt water and already a good crop of Canada Geese [...]

2009-03-21T16:25:18-04:00Saturday, March 21, 2009|

State of the Birds Video

You can view the wonderful video I referred to in yesterday's posting at this link ... take time to view it please.  This link is a little more direct than the earlier one.

2009-03-21T11:55:26-04:00Saturday, March 21, 2009|

The State of Birds in America

Cornell in conjunction with the US Fish and Wildlife Service have produced a major report on thye state of birds in the US today ... as they say "Birds are a priceless part of America’s heritage. They are beautiful, they are economically important—and they reflect the health of our environment. This State of the Birds [...]

2009-03-20T16:29:22-04:00Friday, March 20, 2009|

Getting better

Quick post - in a rush - the Perces neiges are very activly piercing today and the Grackle has a shiny head and a beady eye ...

2009-03-18T16:26:52-04:00Wednesday, March 18, 2009|

Snowdrops at last

Perhaps the most missed thing, the thing that brings a touch of nostalgia, from our former life in England is the spring appearance of Snowdrops ... they are the devil's job to grow and establish here and because of the heavy snow cover they only appear very late.  we had an email from old friend [...]

2009-03-16T16:37:31-04:00Monday, March 16, 2009|

Spring birds

It has been a tad warmer during the days of late and gradually, very gradually, the snow is melting the basement sump pump being called into action.  This morning the first Common Grackle of the year made an appearance in the garden at one of our feeders and was followed shortly thereafter by a Red-winged [...]

2009-03-14T14:48:18-04:00Saturday, March 14, 2009|

Renard roux

There is a lot of wildlife in our suburban corner ... probably racoons are the most visible apart from Squirrels but there are Skunks too, once a Coyote and yesterday morning a fine, handsome Fox wandered through our garden around dawn.  I was not fast enough to grab the camera but my friend and neighbour, [...]

2009-03-11T16:03:34-04:00Wednesday, March 11, 2009|

The Image-ineers

Faithful followers of this blog will be aware that the Arboretum are running a project to collect photographs taken every day during the year of 2009 and post them in an album on their website ... as is the way of these things, out of 2000 potential members of the arboretum, the number that are [...]

2009-03-09T17:36:22-04:00Monday, March 9, 2009|
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