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Back in the Arboretum

After 'doing" Europe we had to come back to the Arboretum this morning for some normality ... beatiful early spring day and not too many people about to spoil it. In the quarry pool a huge racket was being created by singing Wood Frogs while at the bottom of the sliding hill a pair of [...]

2009-04-19T12:50:17-04:00Sunday, April 19, 2009|

England in brief …

Now we have some photographs to illustrate the message posted here from a hotel room a couple of days ago. Spring is sprung over there with a glorious display of what is probably my favourite flowering tree - the Blackthorn.  Given that you get these fabulous drifts of white flowers at this time of the [...]

2009-04-18T15:45:06-04:00Saturday, April 18, 2009|

2009 Notes from a foreign country …

Fear not, faithful reader, we have not forsaken you. Rather we are travelling in England on our annual pilgrimage to check out the (aged) relatives and to see some old friends. We won't bore you with the details of the interactions but merely say that the weather has mostly been grey (not gray – we [...]

2009-04-14T11:30:07-04:00Tuesday, April 14, 2009|

Exotic duck sighting

Today's walk in the arboretum enticed us to wander along a trail not travelled, we believe, by anyone since the snows started falling last year – in fact it's a trail not heavily used at any time of the year. Now that most of the snow has melted you just need good waterproof boots to [...]

2009-04-05T13:48:11-04:00Sunday, April 5, 2009|

A wet one …

Last weekend was gloriously warm and sunny but today we paid for it with unrelenting rain.  It was my turn to ensure the daily photographs were taken for the arboretum documentation project and so off we trudged.  Surprisingly, it was very nice in there as we seemed to be the only people daft enough to [...]

2009-04-04T17:19:55-04:00Saturday, April 4, 2009|

Garden update

A short stroll around the plot after work found some more plants struggling through now the snow has almost all departed ... nothing exciting (well, the garlic ccrop is exciting) but signs of things starting to move and that is always encouraging. Apart from the pictures below, buds are starting to swell on some choice [...]

2009-04-02T16:56:11-04:00Thursday, April 2, 2009|


Woodpeckers peck holes in trees, as everyone knows, and Pileated Woodpeckers hack distinctive rectangular shaped holes ... but sometimes their enthusiasm for carpentry in search of a square meal quite runs away with them.  This tree stump we found in the arboretum yesterday showed some serious enthusiasm by a Pileated ...

2009-03-31T17:18:32-04:00Tuesday, March 31, 2009|

Three new seasonal visitors

Today has been warm and sunny and despite the shrinking heaps of dirt snow you could almost believe that winter is over (rain forecast for tomorrow, though - don't get too excited). The garden has been busy - the Snowdrops have really come into their own and we received visits from the pre-Easter Bunny (a [...]

2009-03-28T17:14:29-04:00Saturday, March 28, 2009|

… and now, flower number 2

The first spring flowers in the garden were the Snowdrops - today we enjoyed the first Crocus of the year. Things will speed upm shortly. ... but - we also had two visits today (a little early) from the Easter Bunny who will no doubt take a liking to these flowers once he finds them, [...]

2009-03-25T17:37:49-04:00Wednesday, March 25, 2009|
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