Throughout the year of 2009 we have a project running at the Arboretum with the object of documenting A Year in the Arboretum by collecting daily photographs.  Visitors are asked to send in (no more than) two pictures per day and the best will be shown on the website for the next 24 hours and incorporated into an ever growing album of pictures.  By the time we get to end of the year people with time on their hands can scan through over 1000 photographs to see how the year unfolded – trees, flowers, people, weather, birds and so on.

Should be interesting … you can see the daily images at this page (ou en Français ici) and the ever enlarging album here.

It was very cold but bright up there today … tomorrow we plan to return with snowshoes and do the trails properly.

January 10  in the arboretum

January 10 in the arboretum

Birch trees in the setting sunlight

Birch trees in the setting sunlight