A short post on the last day of the year mostly to note that the year is turning again and all the lists reset themselves to zero. In 2010 I attempted an arboretum big year and achieved a not too bad 96 species which could probably have been higher had I put more time into the job but the necessity of being at work scuppered that somewhat.

Several faithful readers and friends have wondered why posts have been less than regular this year past and the answer is that that’s just the way it turned out … However, it is one of my intentions for the year to come that 2011 will have more posts even if the proportion of food, recipes and gardening begins to outweigh the birding.

New Year Resolutions – healthier lifestyle and things like that. Not one for such things but the following is copied from an article postedntoday by a wine writer working for the Guardian newspaper … Maybe worth a second thought. “So” – she writes, “1 January and we’re all giving up booze for the month, right? Well, after the bank holiday, maybe. As you’d expect, a wine writer doesn’t have that luxury (bottles to try, tastings to go to…), but if I wasn’t, I’d adopt an alternative approach. This may be controversial, but I don’t think giving up alcohol altogether is a good plan. If you enjoy wine (which I presume you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this), the effect of a period of abstinence tends to be that you simply resume your previous drinking patterns – and then some. A more permanent solution to overindulgence is to drink less but buy better quality wine. Two or three days a week without booze, just a glass on other weekday nights and a really nice bottle to share at the weekend”. We shall see.

Meanwhile, a Happy New Year to everyone. Here’s to us all.