“Remember, remember the fifth of November, gunpowder, treason and plot” … all that and the municipal elections mean that not much has been achieved in the garden this week that is worthy of mention.

There are still leaves on the trees, though thankfully they are finally starting to turn yellow and drop to the ground … and then somehow to miraculously find their way to the pond from whence they have to be manually retrieved with aid of wellie boots and muck-gloves. Only a week or two left before the pump has to be taken out and stored for the winter. First frosts are beginning to make a showing too … suddenly winter is around the corner.

We were talking about our House Finches. For most of the 20 years we have lived here they have been sparse visitors at best yet this year we suddenly have a considerable flock paying attention to our feeders. An acquaintance who lives down town used to talk of her urban House Finches and offer us some as spares if we wanted them … so what has changed to make them suddenly like it here? Has something altered in the local habitat or are their populations increasing and spreading? Interesting.

The Carolina Wren(s) has been to the feeders again too after his/her appearance at the bath last week. There is plenty of cold weather shelter here for them and food is always on offer so fingers crossed they make it through yet another Montreal winter. It’s not really the cold that knocks them back, it’s availability of food.

Now – the election calls and there is much mucking out to be done around this town’s Augean stables. Back to the garden after the weekend.