A Walk in the Forest

… a Self-guided Exploration in the Morgan Arboretum

Following the success of the Guide to Birding in the Arboretum that was released a couple of years ago, the final touches are now complete  on the arboretum trail guide that we have been developing for the past two years.

This guide (which is FREE until 14 April and thereafter a mere $3) introduces all the main, named, trails in the aboretum but concentrates on a self-guided, educational walk of the Main/Orange and the Canada 150 Trails. It walks along with you along those trails, suggesting waypoints to pause at to show you something interesting about the trees, and flowers and birds you can see along the way.

Linked to the guide there is an (optional) smartphone app using GPS technology that will aid you in finding each of the informational waypoints and provides you with a few pointers to what’s around you – the fully illustrated guide will give you more.

And … last but not least. The Arboretum’s own publicity “machine” came up with this incentive to get a copy before you “Walk in the Forest” this spring: