The Golden Rod was alive with insects Tuesday morning in the warm sun – here are four that posed for their portraits. There were also a number of Hover Flies which never paused long enough to be immortalised.

  • Clearly a Bumble Bee and I think most likely Bombus impatiens
    (Common Eastern Bumble Bee) though I am the first to admit that Bombus spp. are not easy to ID
  • Augochloropsis metallica (Green Metallic Sweat Bee)
  • Lasioglossum sp. – needs a real expert to get this down to species but it’s a Sweat Bee
  • Eumenes fraternus (Fraternal Potter Wasp)

Common Eastern Bumble Bee

Fraternal Potter Wasp

Sweat Bee (not a green metallic one)


Green Metallic Sweat Bee

Common Eastern Bumble Bee meets Fraternal Potter Wasp