ancestors 130If you know us, you don’t need a picture, if you don’t … well on the right you will see my grandparents, Walter and Annie, and perhaps there is just enough likeness to recognise me if we pass when out birding. I like to think that they were heading out on a birding expedition and to find some wild flowers to press (which is what they did when digital photographic collection was yet to be invented). Walter was a world-class gardener and taught me that mucking about in the soil is good fun.

I am a biologist, originally from England but for a long time now a Canadian in Québec. After a career in laboratories I am transitioning (through retirement) back to enjoying hands-on wildlife biology in the field.

The Sparroworks Wildlife Co. is a small non-profit operation supporting wildlife and conservation organisations in Québec and elsewhere. Sharing our images is one way we do this – hoping that they will enthuse others about the importance of preserving the natural world.

This is not a business. Sparroworks photographs are shared in order to help support conservation groups and projects and most of them are FREE for you to use, if it is for a conservation-related purpose. Just let us know where and how you will be displaying them and we will send you a download link for a usable image. All are photographs that we hope that you will enjoy.

We are also great evangelists for “GreenBirding” – to the extent that we have even written an illustrated book about the subject entitled, of course, “Green Birding”. Green Birding is about birding your local patch and studying the wildlife you live amongst rather than adding to global carbon emissions by driving and flying vast distances to add another rarity to your life-list. You can buy it at a good discount from Amazon or from the bookseller of your choice.

** We have a second website at which only shows photographs and only our best photographs that stand on their own merits. No articles, no polemic, just good pictures. Please visit and look around.

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