I have just been listening to a very interesting interview this morning on the CBC radio.  It was with a chap (a chap, because he is from the UK) who has written a book about what he calls “Peak Stuff” in which he argues that there is convincing evidence that consumption is tailing off, that it is not only because of the recession but because people are deciding they have enough stuff and are starting to spend their discretionary income on things like partying, eating out, events and vacations rather than on manufactured goods such as new cars and televisions and bling in general.  There is also some evidence that the environmental message is gradually getting through to people and many of us are deliberately cutting back.  Very interesting idea – and good news is it’s true.

… and this morning, despite all the prognostications of our meteorologists, it was white outside.  Not deep and crisp and even, not even completely hiding all the bumps on the ground but definitely white and (never thought I’d say this) pleasingly wet enough to stick to branches and thereby giving a more wintery effect than is actually the case.  Latest forecasts are for nothing falling tomorrow other than the thermometer to -16degC temperatures but maybe another couple of centimeters snow on Christmas day itself.  That would be nice.

A couple of photos anyway from the back garden.


Larch tree and bird feeders in the back garden


The only birds around this day


Viburnum berries


Topping up the bird feeders

Do not despair, birding readers, there will be bird photos here before too long but long days at work and mid-winter are not conducive to doing much proper birding right now.  However, the last day now before the break and a desk piled with “can you do this before xmas” jobs from hither and yon to attend to.