The week started with a continuation of the abnormal heat and dry conditions we have (not) enjoyed for the past three weeks – nevertheless we have started to see small flocks of Canada Geese overhead. Most of those will be moving around the locality in search of grass to graze on and won’t really start heading south for a while yet, but they are gathering and on the move. Fall is about to happen. We were also still hearing Cicadas in the trees – very late for them to be with us.

Mid-week, a cold front moved through the region and the hot spell finally, thankfully, broke as the temperature crashed from 31C to somewhere in the mid-teens in just a couple of hours. This dramatic release of energy brought some very strong storms with it but all we got was a half hour of rain … much needed rain. There is no more precipitation expected until late next week so what we have had will have to suffice.

Still no American Goldfinches around, in fact the heat and the availability of food “in the wild” has reduced the number of most species of birds in the garden recently. The Rowan trees only have a few berries left after recent bird feasts and they are already losing their leaves to the season and the dry weather. House Finch juveniles spend a little time at the feeders still but they are the only ones … no problem, however, this is normal once the breeding season is over and the non-migratory resident species will be back before too long.

Garden flowers are losing their petals, seeds are being set and we are leaving them all standing over the winter for the birds and small critters that will make good use of what there is. Spring is soon enough for the garden tidying to be done.

Morning Sunshine

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Canna Lily in Morning Light

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