Not many words, plenty of images again.  This autumn is too good to waste and, of course, it was another visit to the arboretum today.  Later than yesterday, so birds were less present of course but there were compensations:

Of course, there were birds – here’s a Pileated Woodpecker going hammer and tongs at a not very healthy birch tree (that’s the right hand, pale tree) just below the centre … remember, this bird is at least as big as a Crow, which is big.

A couple of panoramas … the first one is the northern edge of the large field just east of Pullin’s Pasture and the second is”the sliding hill” north of the conservation centre

I was trying to be artistic here – but actually this is a critter-picture as on that foreground leaf is a green stink-bug

Then some startlingly beautiful bracket fungi on a rotting log

Finally, the seasonal star … a Mourning Cloak butterfly (in England, same species, this is the famed Camberwell Beauty)