As “everyone” knows, Robins are the sign of spring finally arriving (even if some of them do hang about most of the winter these days) but this past week must be some sort of a record. Every morning the air is loud with their calls up and down the road and there have been three of them constantly quartering our lawn all of the Easter weekend hauling fat worms out of the ground …… now we know why the soil underlying what laughingly passes for lawn is so compacted, it’s a serious lack of worms to aerate it. A group of friends who visited a nature park in east-end Montreal at the weekend reported having seen 75 Robins in a fairly small area – remarkable.

Migration seems in a temporary lull this week – the geese are moving through in considerable numbers and the Snowy Owls have departed for the north so we will have to wait for the big rush to start – shouldn’t be long although the forecast is for colder than usual weather for the next couple of weeks which might delay matters a bit more. The Hawkwatchers are reporting a steady flow of raptors coming through but still not the big rush.

The other birdy event of the past week or so has taken place each evening just as the sun goes down – enormous numbers of Gulls rise into the air from the general direction of the MacDonald campus fields and wheel around for ten minutes or so calling loudly before dispersing. It would be interesting to know what is happening at just that time of day.

Finally – a note of caution. The rather unpleasant weekend weather was perfect for getting to grips with the new computer and moving files back and forth between that and the other four computers in the house …. the new one runs the Vista OS and while it is actually rather nifty and full of good things it cannot run the scanner and it most certainly cannot run the Dreamweaver software that is essential to building my websites. This is a major pain but some how I suspect Mr Gates will not be compensating us for the quite large costs of upgrading to versions that will work on it.