After several years under the banner of “The Way of the Sparrow” the sparroworkers have added “a noicecuppatea” to our journal’s headline … after the fuel that keeps us all going.  On the fridge in our kitchen is a magnet with the immortal reminder that While there is tea, there is hope and it’s true.  Nothing gets one through the day quite like a noicecuppatea and so that’s part of the banner that we shall sail under from now on.

Back in the early days we were exclusively writing about birds and birding and then the garden crept in, as did bread and baking and the works of John Buchan and before we knew where we were it was time for a noicecuppatea.

Keep reading and put the kettle on (Blend 22 available from Murchies of Victoria, BC is recommended) and tomorrow go for a walk and enjoy the tree colour now that autumn is here … this picture is from the Arboretum: