Today the weather gods are not smiling and freezing rain followed by ice pellets have postponed the planned assault on the sales (sigh of relief) – however, the orchid gods are in a happier frame of mind and the tiny Aerangis hyaloides orchid that I have been nurturing for some months and which has coyly been flaunting determinedly unopened flower buds for a few weeks has decided that New Year’s Eve is the time to begin the unfurling.  I have taken a few photographs for the record and hope that tomorrow the whole set will be open.

Aerangis hyaloides  is from the eastern coastal areas of Madagascar. It can be found growing as an epiphyte on moss covered twigs and branches in moist forests from sea level and up to 1100m.  Supposedly it has a wonderful scent but I suspect you need several thousand to be able to detect it … this little fellow does his best but my olfactory senses are not up to the job.  The pure white flowers are less than half a centimetre across.  Lovely.

Aerangis hyaloides