Welcome to the new home address for Sparroworking In Quebec … a combination of technical complexity with a software update and lack of time/inclination to beaver away at solving it persuaded me to shift the whole kit and caboodle over to this new address … and to take advantage of some layout enhancements and new features while doing so.  We hope you like it and we hope to see you back as often as you like to visit.

Note that you can now post comments on our texts and pictures – feel free.  Until we are sure that the spammers will not infiltrate (they tried hard at the old address) your comment may not appear until “approved” but with luck we will get past that stage rapidly.

Meanwhile, by way of a reward for following us here, we told you a few weeks ago about the black squirrel with the wobbly gait (http://sparroworks.wordpress.com/2008/11/29/wobbly-squirrel/) … now we have a short video of him wobbling – he goes by several names in this neighbourhood, Wobbly-the-squirrel, Mr. Peanuts, Blackie and (my preference) Gilbert in praise of W.S.Gilbert of ” – and Sullivan” fame.  Anyway, here’s the link to the video:

Wobbly Squirrel video

And also – special bonus – here’s a second video of Pine Siskins enjoying a free handout of niger seed.  If you are viewing this from Europe, it’s minus 15degC out there where the birds are, that’s colder than your kitchen freezer.  Don’t even ask what the added wind-chill factor is but the birds and squirrels seem to be able to cope.

Pine Siskin video