It’s early July and during this week of unbearably hot weather (many days of >35C with humidex in the low to mid forties) there are some magnificent flowers are blooming at the moment – native and horticultural varieties. The first of this year’s lilies are showing well. Pictures further down.

As you can see from the featured photo at the top of the page our milkweed patches (both) have been visited by monarch butterflies this week – fingers are firmly crossed that they lay some eggs.

The week began with a short but powerful thunderstorm after which the following hot day brought the first sound of singing Cicadas.

A minor change on the website … 

Nothing major, but I like to keep up with the changing times. Our website has been around for almost a decade, undergoing several iterations and redesigns in that time. Most recently (throughout 2017) it was almost entirely devoted to recording a complete year in the life and times of a small garden designed to host native plants and wildlife … that’s probably where many of our current followers and subscribers came from.

We are now half way through 2018 and while wildlife gardening is and will always remain a topic of primary interest we don’t want to be repeating things that happened last year and will probably be coming around again in future years – gardens are bound by the seasons after all and many events are repeated year after year. Alongside the gardening articles we have increasingly regularly been sharing featured photographs and that is now fully integrated into the website.

So going forward, perhaps there will be less detailed material about the ‘how to’ of wildlife-gardening and a little more showcasing of photographs and notes of wild plants, birds, mammals, insects and landscapes as well as special garden flowers. Occasionally something altogether different, because it’s interesting or important.

We hope the wider remit will be enough to keep you coming back for more … visit as often as you like, but to make sure you don’t miss anything important please consider clicking the “subscribe” button, handily made available on the right of this page, to get a single short email with links to new posts, pictures and articles delivered to your inbox around noon each Sunday – you can opt out any time you like with a simple and single click. Once a week – that’s all.

Thanks for following so far. You will see some small changes on the site’s home page that explain this to new readers.


Some flowers that are blooming in the garden this week … click any thumbnail to see them at full size.