The world is no doubt well aware of the misguided “Freedom to Do What We Like” truckers’ convoy and rally descending on Ottawa this weekend to persuade our government to remove all vaccine etc mandates and more. They intend to demand the Governor General dissolves Parliament and appoints their leaders to run the country.

To say they annoy me is a gross understatement … but so far I have not found the right words to express my anger and was going to satisfy myself by muttering quietly to our cat. Those who know me well will realize that this is serious – I am rarely lost for words, but then, serendipitously …

Today a friend (name withheld and shared with permission) posted the following on social media. I think it perfectly sums up this whole, sorry situation:

What one friend wrote today: “Do the goofballs organizing and supporting this so-called “freedom rally” honestly believe freedom is “free”? Do they actually think freedom means everyone should have the right to do whatever the fuck they want? Freedom is societal, it is fragile, and it is hard won by collective sacrifice. If they don’t know this maybe they should ask the people that raised them…. And while they are at it, they could ask about how modern medicine and vaccines have probably saved their lives 4 times over by now.

The vast majority of us have collectively sacrificed over the past 2 years to defeat Covid and win back some of our lost freedoms – unfortunately health care and other front line workers (including responsible hard-working truckers), and small businesses disproportionately so by circumstance. Just as we appear to be on the eve of victory over this deadly virus, how dare these idiots disrespect all that pain and sacrifice?! And isn’t it just a small irony that they will now deny Ottawans the “freedom” to move about their own city? I’m so mad I can hardly see straight!


What one friend did today: “Today I was wearing gown, gloves, mask and visor to try to feed my palliative Mom in her long term care home where they are in their 5th outbreak. The staff are totally beleaguered and some are off sick. Now, ask me what I think of the truck convoy for personal freedom?”

Good analysis here:

** Enough of this stuff, back to flowers and birds for the next blog posts.