Yesterday we were invited to join a small supporters outing and information session hosted by the Nature Conservancy Canada at the wonderful Kenauk Wildlife Reserve  between Montreal and Ottawa. This is our favourite place on earth bar none so naturally we jumped at the chance.  Apart from simply “being there” once again being enough to make this a wonderful day (and the sun shone) we paused on the way in to allow a small family group of deer to cross the road.

First we saw a female pausing to check the surroundings who was then followed by baby and shortly after two males and another female. They seemed totally unconcerned by our presence … serendipity.  A Loon was seen too … apparently this has been a poor season for them with only one nest known to have fledged young.

Thanks to Joel, Marie-France, Mihaela and their  colleagues at the NCC for this opportunity. Thanks too to the talks from researchers about the wetlands surrounding Lac Papineau and the hydrology of the region. A glass of Kenauk beer before driving home did no harm either.  I am beginning to think that we need to return to Kenauk for a few days before long … we only rented a cottage there 16 times before but haven’t been since 2014. The bears must be missing us.

The first deer seen – we didn’t expect more

“All clear?”

Junior scurries across the road

First male

Checking the surroundings again