Most mornings as I drive to work I pass along the lakeshore in St-Anne-de-Bellevue and tell myself that I really should have the camera with me as the rising sun along the river gives some wonderful lighting effects.  This morning, it being a Sunday, I had a mad fit and took myself down there to see what was what … had I done this a couple of weeks ago it would have been a pleasant outing but this morning it was minus nine (-9degC) and seriously brass monkey weather – but worth it.

There was a small raft of Canada Geese with a few Mallards tucked into the lee of the small island just off shore and as I approached them (slowly, carefully) they gradually drifted out of range, little feet paddling below the water.


The sun rising downriver over the city was as good as I had hoped too … but you will notice below that the FIRST ICE of the year was already forming along the banks.  I don’t think this will last but it’s a warning of things to come.


The low angle of the sun caught the heads of the geese beyond the grasses


Not all the birds tried to get away … these mallards landed just at my feet with a splash clearly thinking “cold water – lovely”


Not exciting birding, but a nice morning to be up early.  Snow forecast for the week ahead … brrrr.