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Sourdough fruit bread

Time for something that isn’t about birds and birding … Continuing the search for great ‘homebrew’ sourdough bread has now given us a pretty fine fruit bread that is going to take a lot of beating.  The outline recipe is below if anyone wants to try it out … excellent with butter and honey, of [...]

2008-01-07T08:25:29-05:00Monday, January 7, 2008|


Today we betook ourselves to the Morgan Arboretum to walk the snowshoe (raquettes) trail for the first time this winter. Not too cold, lovely snow and not too many birds either to be honest as went late morning. A long view of a Pileated Woodpecker hacking at a tall tree was perhaps the bird of [...]

2008-01-05T14:01:53-05:00Saturday, January 5, 2008|

Going where?

After the big dump on NYD that made Bigbyday #1 hard going (a grand total of eight species, I think while reports from one or two of the people doing this in California, for example, have ranged past a hundred for the day) the days have turned very bright, very sunny and intensely cold which [...]

2008-01-03T13:20:53-05:00Thursday, January 3, 2008|

Day-one of Bigby

The 2008 Bigby started with an American Crow ... a good-luck bird, shortly followed by a beautiful male Northern Cardinal. Sadly much snow and wind are with us, and most of the birds are keeping their heads well down - rarely much rare at this time of the year, but I have hopes of Hoary [...]

2008-01-01T09:56:33-05:00Tuesday, January 1, 2008|


98 Bigbyists are now signed up, including on in Taiwan ... interesting to see what tomorrow brings. Happy New Year everyone.

2007-12-31T14:43:23-05:00Monday, December 31, 2007|

Hudson CBC

Just completed our year's serious birding by participating, again, in the Hudson Christmas Bird Count. Had to work quite hard for our birds this year - many of the feeders we are used to getting our numbers up on were either no longer there or simply bereft of birds even when full of seed.  Two [...]

2007-12-29T17:48:27-05:00Saturday, December 29, 2007|

A “different” Christmas

The best bird today was the duck we just had for dinner - after all, once you've ticked a duck you may as well eat it, it's done what it was supposed to do. But .... but, but, but, Santa wasn't stuck in the chimney but we had the dreaded ice-dam on the roof with [...]

2007-12-25T17:50:53-05:00Tuesday, December 25, 2007|

Getting near Christmas … and Bigbying too

The only thing left to do now is to go out to the butchers tomorrow to collect the fatted duck for dinner ... you see, there are many aspects to birding and eating the things is very enjoyable. However, what you are asking is "Bigbying"? It's a green way to do a Big Year and [...]

2007-12-23T13:24:09-05:00Sunday, December 23, 2007|

Big Snow

Montreal has already had almost 50% of it's average snow fall for the whole winter and it's not yet Xmas ... today is adding 30-40cm more ... here's the garden after breakfast And here's Mrs Cardinal taking a welcome snack ... and here with a friend, another Dark-eyed (Slatey-backed) Junco which we are seeing a [...]

2007-12-16T12:07:48-05:00Sunday, December 16, 2007|
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