Scorching hot weekend with too much heavy digging to do and the promised thunderstorm that was going to give us an excuse to stop this afternoon and simultaneously water the expensive new plants has failed to materialise.

One good thing we did was to resite the second bird feeder which had been taken out when the butternut tree had to be felled – its reinstatement has brought a lot of birds back to the garden, including plenty of juveniles.  Meanwhile the garden pond has acquired Harold and Hilda Heron

While watering the front bed this morning the ground in front of J bubbled and heaved a fine, fat toad surfaced and sat there looking muddy and damp.

A productive long weekend.

32 degC and rising

Harold and Hilda

Juvenile Common Grackle (1)

Juvenile Common Grackle (2)

Song Sparrow

Muddy-crowned Toad

The felled Butternut tree left a large space to fill ... what better than this?

... parts of the Butternut live on as his-and-hers cocktails tables


Just an old-fashioned summer garden