Fear not, faithful reader, we have not forsaken you. Rather we are travelling in England on our annual pilgrimage to check out the (aged) relatives and to see some old friends. We won’t bore you with the details of the interactions but merely say that the weather has mostly been grey (not gray – we are on the right hand side of the Atlantic at the moment) but not especially wet.

This is a strange place to us now and not much as we had remembered it, many cultural icons are new to us and fashions and behavior patterns are really very different to Montreal … not surprising unless you grew up here and subconsciously expected things to stay much as they were. Anyway, we have done Leeds where we discovered, to our pleasant surprise, that the vocabulary of the people working on the railways far exceeds what one might expect from people working at a level where education is not exactly a prerequisite for the job after which we enjoyed rural Hertfordshire with pleasant ambles beside streams beset with huge displays of Blackthorn flowers on the bushes (gorgeous) and now we are in London for a few days before flying home.

Highspot today probably tea in the restaurant atop the National Portrait Gallery. We, of course, have many photographs but we do not have the software on this computer to compress them for displaying on the web … if this deficiency can be solved a small selection will be added here for your interest … do return soon.