It’s been quite cool so far this April and today was no exception. A reasonable air temperatures but quite a cold wind … perfect weather to go and enjoy ducks we decided. Just across the river, and within the 8km self-imposed circle (that’s 5 miles for American friends) there is some often good water for waterbirds along the shores of Ile-Perrot and so off we went … EV car, note, so sort of green birding anyway. Conscience is therefore reasonably clear.

Summary – not a stellar selection of birds on the lake/river but very enjoyable for all that. Several photographs follow.

The first bird to catch our eye was a Great Egret that was making regular catches of small fish. Very smart birds these fellows and I don’t see starvation in the future of this particular specimen. A couple of Canada Geese came over to see if there was anything for them but were ignored.

A large raft of assorted Scaup were not far from shore and there was a fly by from a pair of Double-crested Cormorants.

Red-winged Blackbirds, Common Grackles and American Robins were omni-present while a single American Kestrel hovered over a field. Quick view of a Red-bellied Woodpecker too in some roadside trees.

Out beside the Windmill things were pretty quiet other than for a large number (well over 50) of Tree Swallows wheeling over the water, so something out there with six legs was hatching.

17 species in about 90 minutes – nothing outstanding but was just nice to be outside in a place we realised we have not visited for about three years.

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