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      • IMPORTANTWhen you have ordered a free book through the checkout page you will be taken to an order confirmation page which will contain the link you will use to download your copy – it is important to use this link at once or to bookmark the page.  Be assured that your contact details and name will never be shared with a third party. If you have any problems contact us at – we have other ways to get your book to you.
      • Most books etc are FREE but we invite you to decide what the book is worth to you and to make a small and voluntary donation to Nature Conservancy Canada. Where a small price is levied to cover costs the payment is by secure PayPal – you do not have to have a PayPal account to use this method.
      • With the exception of Green Birding which is a printed book, our books are in the universal PDF file format – readable on any computer , tablet computer or a smartphone (ideal for carrying into the field). You can save the books and print them. You can share them with your friends – no DRM here.

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Birding on the West Island


The definitive guide to finding birds on and near the West Island of Montreal. Fully illustrated with detailed trail maps, access information, target birds to look for at each site and complete species checklists. View/read on your computer, tablet or smartphone or you can print a paper copy of the whole guide or just the sections you are interested in.

For more information and to order and download a copy please visit this page

This guide is FREE  – we hope that you find it helpful.



Green Birding

gbcoverAvailable as either a paperback edition or as an ebook (Kindle and EPUB formats).

  • Discusses Green Birding and ways in which birders can reduce their carbon emissions – encourages local patch birding and knowing your local species in depth. Often-overlooked spots in cities and suburban neighborhoods that can be bird magnets. How to study the birds around your home and participate in citizen science and conservation projects. Green birding listing challenges and groups the green birder can get involved in. Includes advice on how to adapt your equipment to a new style of birding and how to attract more birds to your home garden

Available from these links:   Amazon (printed or Kindle formats)  and  Kobo (epub format)



Arbo-2-cover-sale-113x150A Guide to Birding in the Morgan Arboretum

A guide to birding and the trails in Canada’s largest arboretum to the west of Montreal. Suitable for novices and experienced birders and includes a full annotated checklist.Thoroughly revised and updated. Richly illustrated with maps and photographs.

Price: $3:00

For more information and to order and download a copy please visit this page



A detailed account of each of the 300+ species of birds on the Montreal region checklist that focuses on their seasonality and geographic distribution with suggestions concerning the best times and locations to see target birds of particular interest. This is intended to answer when and where questions – it not a field guide with answers to the what question (plenty of those on the market already),



mirkmere-cover-120x150Mirkmere Morris Dances

Not a book about wildlife – but an introduction to an English village and its traditional morris dances.
FREE.  Learn about England’s most unusual village, its history and its pastimes.

For more information and to download a copy please visit this page





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    Thanks Kathleen – getting more people enjoying and seeing the birds is the important thing. I hope it helps.

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    Thank you so much for this generous gift of a free download of Arboretum Birding (2015). I so look forward to learning more about this site I love and visit regularly (with my dog, with whom I aim to be entirely respectful of birders and birds). Much appreciated!

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