headerI am a “repurposed” (which is to say, retired from remunerated science but still active) biologist/pathologist. Originally from England but for a long time now a Canadian from Québec. I have accumulated all the right credentials (PhD  MPhil  CBiol  FSB) so I hope you can trust me to be accurate and impartial when I comment on matters biological. 


After a career mostly spent in laboratories I have transitioned back to plugwhere it all started for me, doing hands-on wildlife biology in the field.

The Sparroworks Wildlife Co is a small non-profit operation that supports wildlife and conservation organisations in Québec and elsewhere. I am a past-President of Bird Protection Quebec.

I am available to give talks and presentations on wildlife topics, or I will help you to find the right person for the particular topic that you and your group want to know more about. One topic that it seems everyone wants to know more about is “Wildlife Gardening” – designing and growing a garden that will draw in birds and butterflies and in its own small way play an imprint part in providing habit in a world that is rapidly running out of places for wildlife to live while making it easily visible to you and your family.

Sharing images is a wonderful way to enthuse others about the importance of preserving the natural world. Photography is a fascinating discipline and gives a means to share the things that interest me with others who I hope will find them as fascinating as I do.  I have a gallery of photographs you can access via the link in the top menu..

We are also great evangelists for GreenBirding – to the extent that we have even written a beautifully illustrated book about the subject entitled, of course, “Green Birding”. Green Birding is about birding your local patch and studying the wildlife you live amongst rather than adding to global carbon emissions by driving and flying vast distances to add another rarity to your life-list. You can buy it at a good discount from Amazon or from the bookseller of your choice.

It’s not fashionable in North American wildlife circles to say anything in favour of the House Sparrow – but I like them. The Sparrow, in particular Passer domesticus the House Sparrow who has lived with humans since we stopped hunter-gathering and started to live in communities, is an often maligned bird but one to whom we at the Sparroworks feel close. The world would be a sad place without Sparrows.

“I imagine no live Yankee would wish now to be without the life and animation of the House Sparrow in his great cities. They are like gas in a town – a sign of progress. I admit the bird is a little blackguard – fond of low society and full of fight, stealing and love-making – but he is death on insects, fond of citizen life, and in every way suitable to be an inhabitant of the New World” (W Rhodes 1877)

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