Finally – June in the Garden

All months are nice in the garden, but June has to be one of the best for sheer variety. Here are a few flowers we are enjoying as the month begins. Anemone canadensis Viburnum trilobum Spirea (Bridal Wreath flower) Molly's Dell Reliable Iris ... [...]

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Cannicule !! – “Phew, worra scorcher”

An abnormally hot week and very dry … we really should not have to be watering trees and shrubs in the second half of September, but there you are, this is the new normal. The old joke bag in England was the stereotypical newspaper headline of "Phew, worra scorcher!!" and this certainly qualifies. The [...]

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Passing Warblers and Big Bees

The week started with NO Japanese beetles being found and fingers crossed that their season had finally come to an end … it also started with a Bay-breasted Warbler in one of the Rowan trees. Good auguries for the week to come. Monday produced Warbling Vireo, Magnolia and Black-throated Green Warblers and … a [...]

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Young Birds and Changing Seasons

The Gardeners are back from a superb week’s birding on Grand Manan (if that sort of thing interests you there is a short series of posts with photographs of birds and the like at Anyway - here we are in the garden again and in the short time we were away things have [...]

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Seasonal changes

This week we were very much aware of seasonal plant succession as early summer blooms begin to give way to our mid-summer flowers. The dark pink lilies have now finished blooming and their place has been taken by rather splendid orange and yellow varieties with the addition of a smaller number of dark reds [...]

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A Big Black Bee (and too many Japanese Beetles)

A mostly warm, on occasion too warm, week saw the first arrival in the garden this summer of Japanese Beetles in the usual pale pink rose they always home in on. By the end of the first day J had caught and killed 17 of them and every day since has seen similar numbers. [...]

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Fireflies, Fleabane and Birds learning to be Birds

Things have slowed down a little in the garden this week on the plant front. No especially new appearances but lots of things growing rapidly and strongly with the first of the berry fruits ripening - much to the joy of the juvenile birds we are hosting. It’s amusing watching young birds learning to [...]

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Bursting Blooms

We are very much getting into the mid-June season of spectacular flowers which, in their turn, are attracting some pretty interesting insects. We think you will enjoy this week's photographs … The week started with a few horrendously hot and humid days … of course, that all depends on what your metabolism is attuned [...]

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Activity everywhere – and “Bee Flies”

STOP PRESS First Garden Warbler of 2017 Just half an hour before going to blog auto-distribution ... the Warbler Magnet garden waterfall has brought in its first warbler of the year. A beautiful Yellow-rumped Warbler. ***************** Phew, got that in here by the skin of our teeth White-throated Sparrow [...]

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