A Garden for Wildlife

A Gardening Journal from West of Montreal

Since 1998 our average suburban garden west of Montreal has transformed from an typical square of grass with a few trees and shrubs into 15,000 square feet of varied wildlife habitat, yet still being full of spring to fall colour and even some lawn. We think there is something for everyone, visitors, gardeners and especially the 111+ species of birds and the innumerable butterflies, moths and other insects that make a good living here.

Over recent years we have given several presentations to local groups about wildlife, and especially bird, gardening and will gradually make some of this information available here in the months ahead.

Follow our weekly journal to see what happens throughout the years. Dive into the accompanying pages to read how the square of grass has become today’s rich wildlife garden – we hope you will find some ideas to will help you achieve the same in your garden.

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We intend to start publishing weekly, illustrated journal entries during the first week of January 2017