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A Journal …

primarily about the pleasures of Gardening with Wildlife. In a leafy suburb to the west of Montreal we have worked for twenty years to transform a basic grassy plot into 15,000 square feet of varied habitat with a mixed collection of native and horticultural species that attracts a rich list of 120+ species of birds plus butterflies, moths and other fascinating insects as well as some mammals. In our journal we share the seasons and offer ideas to bring the birds to your garden.

.. but, every now and again there’s a post about something non-garden/wildlife-ish … something interesting, of course

More heavily wildlife oriented articles can be found on our other website – see www.greenbirding.ca

and Featured Photography

We take photographs in the wildlife garden to illustrate the changing seasons but we also take a lot of photographs outside the garden, almost all of plants, wildlife and landscapes. Alongside the regular journal entries we are now showcasing occasional featured images that previously had their own website elsewhere. We are also offering a weekly album of “more than one” image – easier to handle for most people.

**NOTE:  In case you want to skip the “arty” stuff 🙂 the titles of “Featured Photograph” posts are all identified with a camera icon

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