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A Milkweed - specifically

A Milkweed – specifically “Butterflyweed” (Asclepia tuberosa)

A Garden and Wildlife Journal from West of Montreal

In a leafy suburb to the west of Montreal we have worked for almost twenty years to transform what was once a somewhat uninteresting square of grass with a few trees and shrubs into 15,000 square feet of bosky varied wildlife habitat that is also full of enough traditional garden plants to gladden the heart of any “real” gardener. Today it is has spring to fall colour and yes, we even have some lawn. Most importantly, it isn’t on the edge of a marsh or backing onto wild countryside miles from anywhere. It certainly isn’t huge. It’s just a regular, medium sized suburban garden that nowadays has an unusually rich and varied list of some 111+ species of birds and innumerable butterflies, moths and other fascinating insects as well as all the suburban and peri-urban mammals you might expect.

Over the years we have given presentations to local groups in which we talk about how anyone can get started in wildlife, and especially bird, gardening. We will gradually make some of our experiences available here in the months ahead. There is something here for everyone, visitors, gardeners and simply those who enjoy what we enjoy.

We publish a weekly post about the plants in the garden (starting in January 2017). We write about what we see each week, the plans we have for improving the site and new and better ways to encourage the birds and other creatures that live or visit here. We hope you will find our material interesting and informative.

You are invited to Follow our weekly journal through the year by sending us your email address (see below). Dive into the accompanying pages to read how that original square of grass has become today’s rich wildlife garden – you will find useful ideas to help you bring the birds to your garden and answer the questions we are often asked about “how to do it”. If you don’t have a garden to work in please feel welcome to enjoy ours as the seasons change and birds come and go.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

Richard & Jean

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This website is just about a garden and the creatures that visit but we have interests elsewhere, frequently involving photography and birding. Check the “Other Good Stuff” link at the top of the page or follow these links:

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